Still Recovering From My London Speaking Tour

I’ve been back from my London ‘launch tour’ for Raising Global Nomads a week now and I’m still trying to re-activate my brain. I think I might have overdone it. My partner-in-crime on this trip, Julie Sabin of Dovetail Relocation was extraordinary as host, cheerleader, bookseller and book ‘schlepper’ but the itinerary was brutal. There were eleven events on the program we put together. One day, I actually spoke three times after having a jet-lagged, totally sleepless night. I was almost shaking with fatigue.

I think one of the biggest highlights of the trip was the day we went into Whitehall to speak at the British Foreign Ministry. As Julie and I entered the historic meeting room where I was to deliver my talk, we were asked if we had the sandwiches for the event in the boxes we carried. No, we replied, these are the books and this is the speaker! So much for the so-called glamorous life of an author.

Will keep everyone posted on my travels–next stop is Mexico City and will post details later this week–but just wanted to thank everyone involved with a successful visit to the UK.

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