Expat Expert – Back with the Old, and Some New

ExpatExpert.com was a website that ran from 1999 through 2018 with information from Robin Pascoe on successfully living the Expat life. Primarily a vehicle for her books, the website advised on available publications for every aspect of expat life. Starting in 1993 with a book on her surprise on becoming an expat, she continued through 2011 when she updated an earlier book on living in Amsterdam.

As part of our mission to locate old and dying information on the Internet about migration and life in other countries, we thought this information was worth bringing back by reviving the domain and website. We will try to organize the information so if you are simply interested in purchasing the books, you can do that easily.  Besides helping sales of these books, we may choose to add more information on being an expat, particularly on getting back into the United States, legal process that you have to deal with if you’ve acquired relatives, a spouse in that foreign country.

We are interested in your opinions and comments too. You can always get-in-touch.

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