A Portable Identity A web site devoted to the book of the same name. A Portable Identity contains exercises, stories, and information to assist expatriate women to take charge of the changes associated with a move overseas.

Absolute Barcelona And international business directory for Barcelona, including forums, business chat, networking, Barcelona practical info, free classified ads, online hHotel booking and more.

American Domestic Violence Crisis Line Formerly known as American Women Overseas, this virtual shelter is for American women living overseas who are the victims of domestic violence and includes a toll free crisis line.

American Foreign Service Families This is known as the Lifelines site for American State department families but once again, it is worth a look for its content and links.

American Womens Group in Paris The American Womens Group in Paris (AWG) is a social, cultural and educational organization. We offer interesting and entertaining activities to enrich your French experience.

Americans in Prague Sponsored by the American Womens’ Group of Prague, this site contains extensive information on practical aspects of living in Prague, along with membership information for the AWG . A site with the goals to promote travel abroad, educate Americans within the USA about the outside world, and form a community area for Americans residing overseas.

AngloInfo in France A site for English-speaking expats living in France. Check it out.

Asia Expats Forum Community forum for expatriates living or traveling in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Asia Expats Forum Community forum for expatriates living or traveling in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Asia Xpat An on line expatriate guide for relocating to and living in Asia. Tons of information about many Asian capitals.

Australians Abroad For Australians obviously, but like most sites, there’s always a nugget of useful information to someone else.

Australians in Norway Part of Australians, this site is full of information for Australians living in Norway from Aussie expat Kat Wixoe.

Back in Blighty offers everything the British expat needs, from gardening links to cricket scores.

Bali Expat Info For property news and expat info on Bali, Indonesia, visit this site.

Barcelona Connect For all the info on nightlife, living and enjoying Barecelona.

Belgium expats Expatriates living in Brussels have at least two sites that I know of to choose from. There may be more out there.

Bonn English Network A site which provides news of events in the Bonn and Cologne areas and other info. Includes the hilarious letters home from expat writer Barbara Goodman Shovers.

BR Anchor Publishing is unique in that it provides valuable information not only for employees, but for the entire family and covers everything from house shopping and schooling to the emotional aspect of relocating. Writer Beverly Roman has published so many fine books about relocation, including Home Away From Home which provides a terrific check list of things an expat spouse needs ‘to do’.

British Club Worldwide As the name implies, all this British for Brits around the world.

British Expat An on line magazine for British expats that has loads of info, forums, travel section and ways to keep in touch with fellow Brits abroad.

British Expats in Malta As the name says, this is a news group site for both retired and younger British expats living in Malta.

Brits in America As their slogan says: for everyone and everything British in America!

Brits in Florida For British expats lucky enough to live in sunny Florida, all the news and views from home.

Canadian Foreign Service Families This is a site run by the Foreign Service Community Association for the Canadian diplomatic families. Lots and lots of links and good stuff.

Canadians Abroad Resource Guide Stumbled upon this link for Canadian expats. Chock a block full of information to keep Canadians in touch and informed.

Canuck Abroad Canuck Abroad is a resource for Canadian expats abroad, or Canadians planning to travel. It offers links and information about cheap flights and tickets, cheap trains, hostels, hotels, guide books, overseas jobs, and more.

Club Scandinavia An line expat community for Scandinavians in Europe.

Coaching For Expats The web site of Julia Ferguson Andriessen who has experience living abroad and home in the US. In particular, cross-cultural marriages are a speciality.

Dubai Expats A chat group just set up by a relocating (to Duabi)spouse from Stavanger who has been helping expats for years.

Enter Shanghai Everything you need to know about moving to Shanghai. Very comprehensive.

Enter Singapore Everything you need to know about moving to Singapore. Very comprehensive.

Escape A-rtist This site provides the most dazzling amount of information about expatriate life. The best section of all is its exhaustive list of expatriate resources on the internet. There are so many the list comes in three chunks. When looking for other URL’s to help you, this is the site!

Escape Strategy Escape Strategy is the definitive online guide for anyone wanting to start their life over again. Written by relocation experts, the site will help formulate your dreams into a concrete plans that will guide you to a new life that is suitable for you.

Euronet London This is a not-for-profit association run by volunteers to offer a range of activities to bring together international professionals living and working in London.

Expat Agency This is a site launched by former UK expat Gail MacIndoe to help expats moving to her country.

Expat Agency This is a site launched by former UK expat Gail MacIndoe to help expats moving to her country.

Expat Coach “Live the life wherever you are.” This site offers on line coaching services to expats anywhere in the world who may need some help adjusting to life abroad.

Expat Exchange The pioneer expatriate community site that is working hard to bring the global expat community together. Lots of experts and chat groups.

Expat is a news and information site for expats set up by expats. They aim to develop a real sense of community at the site and make it an invaluable resource for all those living abroad.

Expat Forum This site is another one of the pioneer expat sites and always worth a visit.

Expat Guide Home page of authors Melissa Hess and Patricia Linderman who wrote The Expert Expatriate (catchy title, eh?) which lists resources and other good stuff from these seasoned US diplomatic wives and writers.

Expat in Tokyo A comprehensive resource for those living in or considering a move to Tokyo. Tips provided by a former expatriate range from considerations before moving to daily life once settled in.

Expat Index An online information and shopping site for Britishexpatriates.

Expat Links for Military Personnel A labour of love web site of an enormous number of links for active duty and former or retired military personnel who visit Asia and Thailand in particular on a regular basis.

Expat Living Journalist Huw Francis has has lots of articles, links, and chat groups to help expats adjust to life abroad.

Expat Post To allow expats to send letters and postcards into the real postal system. Try it out.

Expat Shanghai Expat Shanghai provides Expatriates currently living and working in Shanghai – and those wishing to know more about this thriving city – with online support and assistance, business and services directories, guides, a variety of useful tools and even online translators.

Expat Singapore is a huge city site for people living or moving to Singapore. Provides A-Z information.

Expat Village A super site from South America based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is another relatively new site based in Paris that is trying to build up an audience.

Expats Abroad Expats Abroad is a site for all expats worldwide as well as a message centre for expats, whether looking for new friends,trying to locate old ones, or thinking about becoming one.

Expats in Barcelona Everything for expats living and working in Barcelona. Check it out.

Expats in Bavaria Resources for international companies and expatriates moving to and living in Bavaria.

Expats in Brazil A one stop cyberdestination for expats living in or moving to Brazil.

Expats in Budapest This site is an English language web portal for expats living in Budapest. Also useful for tourists.
Expats in Chiangmai This site offers info on buying and renting property, teaching English, dealing with visas and general tips and recommendations on local services in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Expats in China Everything you need to know if your assignment is taking you to China.

Expats in Denmark A wonderful site for expats living or moving to Denmark.

Expats in Hungary For anyone moving to or living in Hungary, a one stop site.

Expats in Malaysia This site, named Allo Expat, is to provide the worldwide expat community with a complete set of info about Malaysia.

Expats in Mexico Moving to Mexico? Check this site for all the information you will need for a smooth move and long after arrival.

Expats in Prague Complete directory for the expatriate community and English speakers in the Czech Republic. Find assistance and advice for jobs, accommodation, health, family and real estate. Free membership.

Expats in Pusan Korea Everything you need to know if you are relocation to Pusan in Korea. With lots of links to other Korean sites.

Expats in Spain This country site is for anyone heading to Spain on posting.


Expats in Switzerland For anyone relocating or living in Switzerland.

Expats in Thailand Heaps and heaps of info for expats living in Thailand.

Expats in the Baltics For expats moving to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all the info you may need to know.

Expats in Turkey A community site, which means hello in Turkey is an on line resource to welcome foreigners living in that country.

Expats Reunite If you would like to find your lost friends and contacts anywhere in the world use this web site.

Expats TV For expats living or relocating to Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic to find jobs, accommodation, information and community.

Explore Seville For anyone moving or living in Seville, a web site full of useful information.

Family Life Abroad A web site that offers links to heaps of articles about expat life, with a special slant on family matters.

Focus on Seoul A non-profit group that offers a handbook on living in Seoul, answers expat questions and has a 24 hour emergency medical phone line.

Foreign Wives Club For women of all nationalities, races, religions, and ethnic groups married to men from other cultures, this site offers information, advice and support.

Frankfurt Expats Info for living and moving to Frankfurt,Germany.

Global Nomads in DC As the name implies, an organization to connect global nomads living in the Washington DC area.

Global Staircase A site based on the book of the same name by Canadian diplomatic spouse Mary MacKinnon. The book is an excellent resource for multi-movers and veterans of many international moves to help them cope with long distance eldercare, impending retirement, and a lifetime of accumulated foreign influences.

Going Global An online service for Germany speaking expats. Focusing on information, networking and individual counseling. For expats living in Brazil. Lots of news, a bulletin board and more.

HomeworkersExpats A dazzling amount of information for expats and in particular, women expats from Brit Veronica Morgan.

How To Germany A site for English-speaking expats moving to or living in Germany. Has a hard copy magazine available too. Istanbulians is the only activity and social club for cosmopolitan Turks and expats who love Istanbul.

Italy Informer An online guide to living in Italy, with particular emphasis on resolving problems with the Italian bureaucracy including immigration, work permits, driving licences, renting and buying property, healthcare and divorce.

Italy Family run business and online community offering properties for sale, relocation services and assistance to foreigners buying a house in Italy.

Japan in your Palm This is a site for expatriate moving to or living in Japan. As the site says: what you want, when you need it. In English.

Java Bit A tasteful site! All about food from Malaysia and for transplanted people from Brussels.

Just Landed in Spain This new site offers extensive information and services for foreigners coming to Spain, including info on legal issues such as visas and residencies, accomodation, banking, internet and more.

Leicester and Leicester & is a resource for both Expats and Locals alike. This site presents general, historical, artistic, literary and other unique information, facts, details and knowledge about Leicester and Leicestershire.

Living in Belgium Living in Belgium provides a one-stop source of information that ensures the whole relocation and settling down process is made easy.

Living in Egypt Located in Maadi, this site is home to the Community Services Association which offers programs and activities in support of the expatriate community working and living in Egypt.

Living in Indonesia If you are being assigned to Indonesia, or are presently living there check it out.

Living in the French Riviera This site is an internet companion and guide to the French Riviera. Covering towns and villages from Menton to St. Tropez, there is first hand and current information on this very beautiful part of France.

Living in Vietnam As the name suggests, an informative site for people who make their home in Vietnam.

Lost in France A source of information for all expats living in France or for anyone hoping to live in France.A place for expats to share their thoughts and views on all aspects of French living.

Malaysian living in Sweden This website is a collection of resource, general tips and information on living in Sweden, from an Malaysian-Asian perspective.

Move to Panama As the name suggests, everything you need to know about relocating to Panama, especially if you are thinking about retirement.

My Global Coach Web site of global coach Val Boyko and her newsletter Expat Smarts.

Network Canada For Canadians living in the UK, a chance to connect with fellow Canucks.

Network Riviera For anyone wanting to escape to the French Riviera (who doesn\’t?) Check it out.

Newcomers to Mexico To welcome and help families to integrate to life into the Mexico City Community. The Club also promotes Mexican culture and supports a number of charities.

North American Connection This is a non-profit organization in the British midlands committed to helping North Americans assimilate into the British culture through friendship and support.

Passport 2 Manila This site is for anyone heading to or living in the Philippines. It has discussion groups and classified ads and heaps of info.

People Going Global From Washington, DC, amazing amount of country information and useful links.

Prague TV A must look for expats in Prague. The site has a bulletin board, public forum, daily weather updates, news links and more.

Rome Events An English language guide to events in Rome including music, art, opera, film and theatre and street markets started by an expat living in Rome.

Scandinavians in the Netherlands A site and meeting place for all Scandinavians living in the Netherlands. Lots of info and contacts.

Schlumberger Spouses Association The web site for Schlumberger Spouses Association has loads of information of use to all expat spouses.

Seoul International Women I used to belong to this wonderful association for expat women living in Seoul. They have a terrific web site for women who want to get involved locally, including serious fundraising for worthy local projects.

Seoul Style A fabulous and chic web site from a former hiphop chick turned expat wife whose web site really has style and info too. Seoul never looked like that when I lived there (and I never looked like the gorgeous woman who publishes the site.) Definitely worth checking out!

Shanghai Expat For anyone needing to know anything about expat life in Shanghai.

Shell Outpost Another winning expat site with information that is a must read. From Royal Dutch/Shell but available to everyone.

Shore Duty A wonderful site of support, humour and advice for military wives from writer Sarah Smiley.

Singapore Expats Singapore resources and information guide on expat relocation, living, housing. Free classified ads and listings for apartment, condo and house for Rent or Sale.

Southern Cross Group Working for Australians living and working abroad, this site is filled with important information about visas and much more.

Spain Expats Set up to help British people live their dream in Spain, this site provides practical information and allows expats to help newcomers to Spain.

Stavanger Information Network The web site of one of my favourite expat communities. Chock a block full of info for people moving to Stavanger Norway.

Taiwan Ho! A site for expats living in Taiwan.

The American Hour The web site of the very popular radio program in the UK which focuses on the needs of Americans living in Britain.

The Trailing Spouse A web site for accompanying spouses chock a block full of research and insight from Australian Yvonne McNulty.

Transition Dynamics Coaching services for expatriates and repatriates from Barbara Schaetti to help you leverage the transformative potential inherent in your internationally mobile life.

Virtual Vienna This site is a terrific guide to Vienna, with resources and a virtual community for English speaking expats in Vienna.

Voetsek For South Africans living in Europe and the UK.

We Love Costa Expert information for English speaking expats about living, investing, real estate and business in Costa Rica.

West Sweden International Network A site for expats in West Sweden and also offers service for expats coming to the area with Volvo Cars, Saab, AstraZeneca.

WICE For expats in Paris, there is WICE, a non-profit cultural and educational association dedicated to providing high quality, innovative courses, services and resources for the English-speaking community in and around Paris.

Women of the World An expat site based in Frankfurt for connecting expat women and providing info about living in Frankfurt too.

Xpat NL This site contains a large amount of basic information that will help make the Netherlands understandable to expats.